It’s night time again.
Here I sit,
Thinking of the beginning,
The middle and the end.
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
Will I ever get there?
Then realization hits
I know why I take
The highs and the lows.
It’s the passion inside
That drives me on
I have to use my voice
In a poem or a song
To show them all
They have a place
They can belong.
I have to say these words
Hoping it can keep them strong
To give them a reason just to
hold on
To show them there is love in
this dark world
And so I keep going
No matter how hard
My own journey gets
There’s always work to be done
There’s no time to rest.

dennis kaleli
10/17/2013 9:40am

are you a poet

Dennis Harrows
10/17/2013 9:49am

Yes its one of my hobbies

dennis kaleli
10/19/2013 5:08am

wow nice....u dont look like a poet

Dennis Harrows
10/19/2013 4:10pm

I am truly from a parallel universe

dennis kaleli
10/21/2013 9:31am

wow ok tht explains it then


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