I Remember Those Days
When we sat together and had Lays
I Remember Those Days
When together at the stars we gazed
I Remember Those Days
When we had numerous misunderstandings
I Remember Those Days
When you left me hours, standing
I Remember Those Days
When I fought for the silliest things ever
I Remember Those Days
When my crying didn't cos a fervor
I Remember Those Days
When I explained things, never done to me
I Remember Those Days
When everything still seemed perfect to me
I Remember Those Days
When I made her cry
I Remember Those Days
When she could have made a try
I Remember Those Days
Where we often dined
I Remember Those Days
When we were closely inclined
I Remember Those Days
I displayed my love in numerous ways
I Remember Those Days
When things always went different ways
I Remember Those Days
When she were not with me in my loneliness
I Remember Those Days
When she always left me breathless
I Remember Those Days
Those lovely days of my life.
Now I see a new morning everyday
With tears in my eyes...
When I look back
On the dreams I left behind;
Buried there in all my thoughts
It is you I always find.
I saw you then as I see you now
Through love's impassioned
A heart so fashioned there within
Filled with love and kindness.
How often has my heart declared
With anguish, for my words are
That the wind shall blow a little
To keep me here with you.
Sweeter still are the pains of love.
The bonds of love grow stronger,
Even after the moonlight has gone
to sleep,
I shall always love you longer.
No other can stir my heart so
Or thrill me through and through,
And in my dreams there will never
No other love but you.
When I look back to times gone by
There is one sure thing I know
It is you my love, who stole my
Five years ago.
On a silent night.
I lay in the dark, not caring, trying not
to breathe.
It's almost time, time to say goodbye.
Never again will I shout in pain.
Never again will I scream in vain.
I'm done with these feelings I can't
There is no more time to make
No more time to fix everything.
My time is finally up.
I lay silently.
In the dark, alone.
Never moving, never speaking.
Not making a single sound.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
The people I love are better without
This is what I think, for now.
I put the blade to my wrist.
Cutting deeper, and deeper.
The blood flows, and I slowly slip
Consciousness fades.
The pain finally ends.
Only to begin again.
I look back as I float away.
Look at the pain, on their faces.
The pain, as they discover my body.
The pain that will be there, forever.
It tears my heart in two.
To watch them, as they cry.
Cry over me.
More pain, even in death.
I thought it was the end.
But I guess there is no escape.
From this much pain.
Never an escape.
I hurt those I love.
And I realize, that was what was
hurting me.
But now its to late.
I ended it, forever.
There is no going back.
Their pain is endless.
I caused it, my fault, forever.
All on that Silent night.
I wonder where Love has lost
in the thick woods or the deep
or lost in the old books of
I ponder who comes and
Save us from the illusion
Illusion of Lust to be Love
The presence of Love within
Not to search beneath or
No value for relationships
Just a piece of paper to commit
Love just starts to fade away
Only one word “sorry”, we
don’t fit !!
How can that be love??
Instead to grow it loses it’s
Shows it’s dark colors
And scares us to death.
I doubt this to be Love
Love cannot be this weak
It’s the other name of God
The truth that we all seek.
Another day just went by,
Leaving the memories still so fresh.
The moon the stars have filled the sky,
Like the warmth of life filling my heart.
Never could you wonder how,
Well or not, the day has been.
All you did, to fill it with vows,
To be self made to be gentle and clean.
Letting away all of its bad,
Keeping the good inside your heart.
You well faced it all without being sad,
With the broad subtle smile always on.
Let this night take you in its arm,
Release your troubles and all worries.
Lay down in your bed so warm,
Dream sweet and in no hurry.
Another day has to come,
Another hope will be born.
Another bright smiling sun,
Burning away all the thorns.
Now just lie down and switch off the light,
Look at the entire world wishing you good night
Bright Morning sun
Why do we bother with the rest of the
the swale of the afternoon,
the sudden dip into evening,
then night with his notorious
his many-pointed stars?
This is the best--
throwing off the light covers,
feet on the cold floor,
and buzzing around the house on
maybe a splash of water on the face,
a palmful of vitamins--
but mostly buzzing around the house
on espresso,
dictionary and atlas open on the rug,
the typewriter waiting for the key of
the head,
a cello on the radio,
and, if necessary, the windows--
trees fifty, a hundred years old
out there,
heavy clouds on the way
and the lawn steaming like a horse
in the early morning.
I had closed the door upon my
And wouldn't let anyone in,
I had trusted and loved only to be
But, that would never happen
I had locked the door and tossed
the key
As hard, and as far as I could,
Love would never enter there
My heart was closed for good.
Then you came into my life
And made me change my mind,
Just when I thought that tiny key
was impossible to find.
That's when you held out your
And proved to me I was wrong,
Inside your palm was the key to
my heart...
You had it all along.


We are here my love together
Back where we should have always
Back where we were meant to be
Together as one just you and me
While we were apart it seemed so
I longed for you my whole life long
I ached to be with you so very
To hear your voice to feel your
And now at last we've met once
In love again as we were before
More in love than we could have
ever supposed
Together again life's circle closed

Life is infinitely
stranger than anything
which the mind of man
could invent. We would
not dare to conceive the
things which are really mere
commonplaces of existence. If we
could fly out of that window hand
in hand, hover over this great city,
gently remove the roofs, and and
peep in at the queer things which
are going on, the strange
coincidences, the plannings, the
cross-purposes, the wonderful
chains of events, working through
generations, and leading to the
most outre results, it would make
all fiction with its conventionalities
and foreseen conclusions most stale
and unprofitable