On a silent night.
I lay in the dark, not caring, trying not
to breathe.
It's almost time, time to say goodbye.
Never again will I shout in pain.
Never again will I scream in vain.
I'm done with these feelings I can't
There is no more time to make
No more time to fix everything.
My time is finally up.
I lay silently.
In the dark, alone.
Never moving, never speaking.
Not making a single sound.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
The people I love are better without
This is what I think, for now.
I put the blade to my wrist.
Cutting deeper, and deeper.
The blood flows, and I slowly slip
Consciousness fades.
The pain finally ends.
Only to begin again.
I look back as I float away.
Look at the pain, on their faces.
The pain, as they discover my body.
The pain that will be there, forever.
It tears my heart in two.
To watch them, as they cry.
Cry over me.
More pain, even in death.
I thought it was the end.
But I guess there is no escape.
From this much pain.
Never an escape.
I hurt those I love.
And I realize, that was what was
hurting me.
But now its to late.
I ended it, forever.
There is no going back.
Their pain is endless.
I caused it, my fault, forever.
All on that Silent night.

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