Late at night
It’s even early morning
Because the night crawls to meet the
I sit pondering why I’m awake
What is the point of being wakeful
Whilst life slips me by
When my friends and colleagues lie in
I sit pondering  upon the empty
What is life all about
We strive hard yet we cannot boast
work hard yet we cannot say we gain
Where is evidence to show our
Where is the evidence to show our
Where is the evidence to show that we
stay awake
Day in day out
There is nothing to show.
But life persists
It is not ours to call
For the Maker above assures us
That all life is transient
All is vanity anyways
So why strive so hard
Only to leave it all behind
So let’s have fun
Let’s make the best of this life
Life they say is what you make it
But appropriate
What is this life
I’m still pondering…

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