I Remember Those Days
When we sat together and had Lays
I Remember Those Days
When together at the stars we gazed
I Remember Those Days
When we had numerous misunderstandings
I Remember Those Days
When you left me hours, standing
I Remember Those Days
When I fought for the silliest things ever
I Remember Those Days
When my crying didn't cos a fervor
I Remember Those Days
When I explained things, never done to me
I Remember Those Days
When everything still seemed perfect to me
I Remember Those Days
When I made her cry
I Remember Those Days
When she could have made a try
I Remember Those Days
Where we often dined
I Remember Those Days
When we were closely inclined
I Remember Those Days
I displayed my love in numerous ways
I Remember Those Days
When things always went different ways
I Remember Those Days
When she were not with me in my loneliness
I Remember Those Days
When she always left me breathless
I Remember Those Days
Those lovely days of my life.
Now I see a new morning everyday
With tears in my eyes...
It’s night time again.
Here I sit,
Thinking of the beginning,
The middle and the end.
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
Will I ever get there?
Then realization hits
I know why I take
The highs and the lows.
It’s the passion inside
That drives me on
I have to use my voice
In a poem or a song
To show them all
They have a place
They can belong.
I have to say these words
Hoping it can keep them strong
To give them a reason just to
hold on
To show them there is love in
this dark world
And so I keep going
No matter how hard
My own journey gets
There’s always work to be done
There’s no time to rest.
When I look back
On the dreams I left behind;
Buried there in all my thoughts
It is you I always find.
I saw you then as I see you now
Through love's impassioned
A heart so fashioned there within
Filled with love and kindness.
How often has my heart declared
With anguish, for my words are
That the wind shall blow a little
To keep me here with you.
Sweeter still are the pains of love.
The bonds of love grow stronger,
Even after the moonlight has gone
to sleep,
I shall always love you longer.
No other can stir my heart so
Or thrill me through and through,
And in my dreams there will never
No other love but you.
When I look back to times gone by
There is one sure thing I know
It is you my love, who stole my
Five years ago.
Late at night
It’s even early morning
Because the night crawls to meet the
I sit pondering why I’m awake
What is the point of being wakeful
Whilst life slips me by
When my friends and colleagues lie in
I sit pondering  upon the empty
What is life all about
We strive hard yet we cannot boast
work hard yet we cannot say we gain
Where is evidence to show our
Where is the evidence to show our
Where is the evidence to show that we
stay awake
Day in day out
There is nothing to show.
But life persists
It is not ours to call
For the Maker above assures us
That all life is transient
All is vanity anyways
So why strive so hard
Only to leave it all behind
So let’s have fun
Let’s make the best of this life
Life they say is what you make it
But appropriate
What is this life
I’m still pondering…
On a silent night.
I lay in the dark, not caring, trying not
to breathe.
It's almost time, time to say goodbye.
Never again will I shout in pain.
Never again will I scream in vain.
I'm done with these feelings I can't
There is no more time to make
No more time to fix everything.
My time is finally up.
I lay silently.
In the dark, alone.
Never moving, never speaking.
Not making a single sound.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
The people I love are better without
This is what I think, for now.
I put the blade to my wrist.
Cutting deeper, and deeper.
The blood flows, and I slowly slip
Consciousness fades.
The pain finally ends.
Only to begin again.
I look back as I float away.
Look at the pain, on their faces.
The pain, as they discover my body.
The pain that will be there, forever.
It tears my heart in two.
To watch them, as they cry.
Cry over me.
More pain, even in death.
I thought it was the end.
But I guess there is no escape.
From this much pain.
Never an escape.
I hurt those I love.
And I realize, that was what was
hurting me.
But now its to late.
I ended it, forever.
There is no going back.
Their pain is endless.
I caused it, my fault, forever.
All on that Silent night.
I wonder where Love has lost
in the thick woods or the deep
or lost in the old books of
I ponder who comes and
Save us from the illusion
Illusion of Lust to be Love
The presence of Love within
Not to search beneath or
No value for relationships
Just a piece of paper to commit
Love just starts to fade away
Only one word “sorry”, we
don’t fit !!
How can that be love??
Instead to grow it loses it’s
Shows it’s dark colors
And scares us to death.
I doubt this to be Love
Love cannot be this weak
It’s the other name of God
The truth that we all seek.
Another day just went by,
Leaving the memories still so fresh.
The moon the stars have filled the sky,
Like the warmth of life filling my heart.
Never could you wonder how,
Well or not, the day has been.
All you did, to fill it with vows,
To be self made to be gentle and clean.
Letting away all of its bad,
Keeping the good inside your heart.
You well faced it all without being sad,
With the broad subtle smile always on.
Let this night take you in its arm,
Release your troubles and all worries.
Lay down in your bed so warm,
Dream sweet and in no hurry.
Another day has to come,
Another hope will be born.
Another bright smiling sun,
Burning away all the thorns.
Now just lie down and switch off the light,
Look at the entire world wishing you good night
Bright Morning sun
Why do we bother with the rest of the
the swale of the afternoon,
the sudden dip into evening,
then night with his notorious
his many-pointed stars?
This is the best--
throwing off the light covers,
feet on the cold floor,
and buzzing around the house on
maybe a splash of water on the face,
a palmful of vitamins--
but mostly buzzing around the house
on espresso,
dictionary and atlas open on the rug,
the typewriter waiting for the key of
the head,
a cello on the radio,
and, if necessary, the windows--
trees fifty, a hundred years old
out there,
heavy clouds on the way
and the lawn steaming like a horse
in the early morning.
Those who believe and whose hearts
are comforted by the mention of God,
by the mention of GOD shall their
hearts be comforted.
The koran the chaper of thunder
may the grace of Allah bring you
bliss & happiness always,
"Eid Mubarak "
10 The taos hum
The ‘Taos Hum’ is a low-pitched
sound heard in numerous places
worldwide, especially in the USA,
UK, and northern europe. It is
usually heard only in quiet
environments, and is often described
as sounding like a distant diesel
engine. Since it has proven
indetectable by microphones or VLF
antennae, its source and nature is
still a mystery.
In 1997 Congress directed scientists
and observers from some of the
most prestigious research institutes
in the nation to look into a strange
low frequency noise heard by
residents in and around the small
town of Taos, New Mexico. For
years those who had heard the
noise, often described by them as a
“hum”, had been looking for
answers. To this day no one knows
the cause of the hum.
9 Black Dahlia
In 1947 the body of 22 year old
Elizabeth Short was found in two
pieces in a parking lot in Los
Angeles. According to newspaper
reports shortly after the murder,
Short received the nickname “Black
Dahlia” at a Long Beach drugstore in
the summer of 1946, as a play on the
then-current movie The Blue Dahlia.
However, Los Angeles County
district attorney investigators’
reports state the nickname was
invented by newspaper reporters
covering the murder. In either case,
Short was not generally known as
the “Black Dahlia” during her
Many rumours and tales have
spread about the Black Dahlia, and
the investigation (one of the largest
in LA history) never found the killer.
8 Comte de Saint
The Count of St. Germain (allegedly
died February 27, 1784) was a
courtier, adventurer, inventor,
amateur scientist, violinist, amateur
composer, and a mysterious
gentleman; he also displayed some
skills with the practice of alchemy.
He was known as ‘Der Wundermann’
— ‘The Wonderman’. He was a man
whose origin was unknown and who
disappeared without leaving a trace.
Since his death, various occult
organizations have adopted him as a
model figure or even as a powerful
deity. In recent years several people
have claimed to be the Count of St.
Germain. (Note that St Germain was
never regarded as a saint by the
Roman Catholic Church – the “st.”
before his name refers to his alleged
7 Voynich
The Voynich Manuscript is a
medieval document written in an
unknown script and in an unknown
language. For over one hundred
years people have tried to break the
code to not avail. The overall
impression given by the surviving
leaves of the manuscript suggests
that it was meant to serve as a
pharmacopoeia or to address topics
in medieval or early modern
medicine. However, the puzzling
details of illustrations have fueled
many theories about the book’s
origins, the contents of its text, and
the purpose for which it was
The document contains illustrations
that suggest the book is in six parts:
Herbal, Astronomical, Biological,
Cosmological, Pharmaceutical, and
6 The Zodiac Killer
The Zodiac killer was active in
Northern California for ten months in
the late 1960s. He killed at least five
people, and injured two. He comitted
the first two murders with a pistol,
just inside the Benecia border. In his
second shooting in Vallejo, he
attempted to kill two people, but one
survived despite gunshots to the
head and neck. 40 minutes later the
police recieved an anonymous phone
call from a man claiming to be their
killer and admitting to the murders of
the previous two victims. One month
three letters were sent to
Newspapers in California containing
a cypher that the killer claimed
would give them his name. They
cypher was decrypted to read:
The last eighteen letters have not
been decrypted.
While Arthur Leigh Allen was the
prime suspect, all of the evidence
was against him being the killer. To
this day the Zodiac murders have
not been solved.
5 The Babushka
During the analysis of the film
footage of the assasination of John
F. Kennedy in 1963, a mysterious
woman was spotted. She was
wearing a brown overcoat and a
scarf on her head (the scarf is the
reason for her name as she wore it
in a similar style to Russian
grandmothers – also called
babushkas). The woman appeared to
be holding something in front of her
face which is believed to be a
camera. She appears in many photos
of the scene. Even after the shooting
when most people had fled the area,
she remained in place and continued
to film. Shortly after she is seen
moving away to the East up Elm
Street. The FBI publically requested
that the woman come forward and
give them the footage she shot but
she never did.
In 1970 a woman called Beverly
Oliver came forward and claimed to
be the Babushka Woman, though her
story contains many
inconsistencies. She is generally
regarded as a fraud. To this day, no
one knows who the Babushka
Woman is or what she was doing
there. More unusual is her refusal to
come forward to offer her evidence.
4 Mary Celeste
Mary Celeste was launched in Nova
Scotia in 1860. Her original name
was “Amazon”. She was 103 ft
overall displacing 280 tons and
listed as a half-brig. Over the next
10 years she was involved in several
accidents at sea and passed through
a number of owners. Eventually she
turned up at a New York salvage
auction where she was purchased
for $3,000. After extensive repairs
she was put under American registry
and renamed “Mary Celeste”.
The new captain of Mary Celeste
was Benjamin Briggs, 37, a master
with three previous commands. On
November 7, 1872 the ship departed
New York with Captain Briggs, his
wife, young daughter and a crew of
eight. The ship was loaded with 1700
barrels of raw American alcohol
bound for Genoa, Italy. The captain,
his family and crew were never seen
again. The ship was found floating in
the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar.
There were no signs of struggle on
board and all documents except the
captain’s log were missing.
In early 1873, it was reported that
two lifeboats grounded in Spain, one
with a body and an American flag,
the other containing five bodies. It
has been alleged that these could
have been the remains of the crew of
the Mary Celeste. However, the
bodies were apparently never
3 Jack the Ripper
In the later half of 1888, London was
terrorrised by a series of murders in
the east end (largely in the
Whitechapel area). The name Jack
the Ripper was taken from a letter
sent to a newspaper at the time by
someone claiming to be the killer.
The victims were typically
prostitutes who had their throats cut
and bodies mutilated. In some cases
the bodies were discovered just
minutes after the ripper had left the
The police at the time had many
suspects but could never find
sufficient evidence to convict
anyone. In modern times there has
even been some speculation that
Prince Albert Victor was the
murderer. Even with modern police
methods, no further light has been
shed on the murders in recent times.
To this day no one knows who the
ripper was.
2 Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda triangle is an area of
water in the North Atlantic Ocean in
which a large number of planes and
boats have gone missing in
mysterious circumstances. Over the
years many explanations have been
put forward for the disappearances,
including bad weather, alien
abductions, time warps, and
suspension of the laws of physics.
Although substantial documentation
exists to show that many of the
reports been exaggerated, there is
still no explanation for the unusually
large number of disappearances in
the area.
1 Shroud of Turin
The shroud of Turin is a linen cloth
bearing the image of a man who had
apparently died of crucifixion. Most
Catholics consider it to be the burial
shroud of Jesus Christ. It is
currently held in the Cathedral of St
John the Baptist in Turin, Italy.
Despite many scientific
investigations, no one has yet been
able to explain how the image has
been imprinted on the shroud and
despite many attempts, no one has
managed to replicate it. Radiocarbon
tests date it to the middle ages,
however apologists for the shroud
believe it is incorrupt – and carbon
dating can only date things which
Prior to the middle ages, reports of
the shroud exist as the Image of
Edessa – reliably reported since at
least the 4th century. In addition,
another cloth (the Sudarium) known
even from biblical times (John 20:7)
exists which is said to have covered
Christ’s head in the tomb. A 1999
study by Mark Guscin, a member of
the multidisciplinary investigation
team of the Spanish Center for
Sindonology, investigated the
relationship between the two cloths.
Based on history, forensic pathology,
blood chemistry (the Sudarium also
is reported to have type AB blood
stains), and stain patterns, he
concluded that the two cloths
covered the same head at two
distinct, but close moments of time.
Avinoam Danin (a researcher at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
concurred with this analysis, adding
that the pollen grains in the
Sudarium match those of the shroud.